Drupal – The Best and my Favorite Modules

I’ve worked with Drupal in the past for several projects and have come across some modules that have become my favorites. Here they are:

  • Tiny MCEThis module was the first to integrate Moxiecode’s popular TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor into a Drupal site for editing advance site content.
  • Simple NewsSimplenews publishes and sends newsletters to lists of subscribers. Both anonymous and authenticated users can opt-in to different mailing lists. HTML email can be send by adding Mime Mail module.
  • ViewsThe Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal site designers to control how lists and tables of content (nodes in Views 1, almost anything in Views 2) are presented. Traditionally, Drupal has hard-coded most of this, particularly in how taxonomy and tracker lists are formatted.
  • PanelsThe Panels module allows a site administrator to create customized layouts for multiple uses. At its core it is a drag and drop content manager that lets you visually design a layout and place content within that layout.
  • Content Construction Kit (CCK)The Content Construction Kit allows you to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser.
  • Path AutoThe Pathauto module automatically generates path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, categories, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias. This allows you to get aliases like /category/my-node-title.html instead of /node/123.
  • Five StarThe Five Star voting module adds a clean, attractive voting widget to nodes in Drupal
  • Poor Mans CronA module which runs the Drupal cron operations without needing the cron application.
  • Node WordsThis module allows you to set some meta tags for each node, view or panels page.
  • Global RedirectChecks the current URL for an alias and does a 301 redirect to it if it is not being used.
  • Page TitleThis module gives you granular control over the page title. You can specify patterns for how the title should be structured and, on content creation pages, specify the page title separately to the content’s title.
  • XML SitemapThe XML sitemap module creates a sitemap that conforms to the sitemaps.org specification. The sitemap created by the module can be automatically submitted to Ask, Google, Bing (formerly Windows Live Search), and Yahoo! search engines.
  • PrintThis module allows you to generate page, email and PDFprinter-friendly versions of any node.
  • Username CheckThis very simple module allows visitors to check username originality quickly using AJAX request during registration (completing registration form).
  • Node HierarchyNode Hierarchy allows nodes to be children of other nodes creating a tree-like hierarchy of content.
  • Custom BreadcrumbsAllows administrators to set up parametrized breadcrumb trails for any node type.
  • Nice MenusNice Menus enables drop-down/right/left expandable menus.

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