Magento – Add Static Block to CMS Page

Static blocks are a great way to add sections of HTML to your CMS or Catalog pages. I’m going to show you how to add a static block to a CMS page.

It’s a 2 step process and a very simple one. First, create your static block by going to CMS->Static Blocks. You will use the identifier of your static block to reference it on the CMS page. Edit the CMS page you would like this block to appear in, and add this code in the location where you would like it to show up:

5 thoughts on “Magento – Add Static Block to CMS Page”

  1. Great post. I found what I was looking for. Do you mind if I post this on my website and give you credit? If not, it’s ok.

  2. I am new to magento, and learning a lot recently. I had read many your posts. They are really helpfull. I hope you will continue with publishing your tutorials. Tx

  3. This also works within .phtml files or page templates as well for anyone who was looking for this solution.



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