Migrate WordPress to a new Server or Directory

If you decide to change the URL or link location of your WordPress Blog due to a new domain or moving to a sub-directory, here are some simple steps that should be done to ensure proper migration without breaking links.

To update WordPress options with the new blog location, use the following SQL command:


9 thoughts on “Migrate WordPress to a new Server or Directory”

  1. Really great !

    These three command lines is all you need to have your database running again.

    In all the WP migration advices I found, no ones talks about the fact that, in posts everywhere URLs have to be changed ! Plus don’t try to change it by hand, it will take forever.

    I also tried to dump the tables, open the scripts and find and replace “old url” by “new url”, but somehow there was always something messing up.

    So thanks for these simple 3 sql commands that go a long way…


  2. I tried migrating my blog to a new server by copying all directories and the database over. I got the blog running but when I click on an article it give a 404 error. The domain is exactly the same. I just flipped DNS. Are there any database queries that need to be run to make something happen that I’m unaware of?

  3. Just wanted to say that I use this code so much and I just keep coming back. THANK YOU so much!

    Any chance you could update the post and put all lines in the same code block to make copying a bit easier?

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