Apple iPhone Apps for Designers & Developers

I purchased an iPhone about 2 months ago and I must say I love it. The only gripe I would say I have with this beautiful machine would be the Multi-media messages or lack thereof. This is something that Apple and AT&T really need to address. For a phone with all of this great technology to lack a feature that most basic phones come standard with is horrible. Anyway, (I needed to vent) here are a list of some really cool Apps that I’ve come across and use:

  • FTP On The Go – Allows you to Download, Edit, and Upload web pages or any other text files on your FTP servers.
  • List of Cheat Sheets – Cheatsheets for Regular Expressions, MySQL, World of Warcraft, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Google, PHP and HTML
  • OmniFocus – OmniFocus Keeps track of actions by project, place, person, or date. Bring up a shopping list, agenda items to discuss at work, tasks for home, and any other lists you need.
  • WordPress – The official WordPress iPhone app, for writing drafts and publishing on-the-go.
  • Ego – A delicious looking app for tracking Google Analytics, Twitter followers, RSS subscribers and Google Analytics.
  • Air Sharing – Mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on any computer, drag-and-drop files, and view them on your device.
  • TwitterFon – is a simple, clean, easy to use, and is a superfast Twitter client for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

List some of your favorites… 🙂