How to create a sandbox PayPal Payflow account

I’ve been working with PayPal PayFlow Pro a lot lately. But before I got the hang of it, I couldn’t figure out how to create a sandbox account for Payflow.

As it goes, it’s different than setting up a standard sandbox account. To set up a Payflow account for testing, you would walk through the sign up process as if you were signing up for a live Payflow account.

Once you get to the section in the sign up process where it is asking for the billing information, just cancel out of the process. This creates a test account for you at this point, which you can access by signing into PayPal Manager with the login and password that you created. The partner will be PayPal.

12 thoughts on “How to create a sandbox PayPal Payflow account”

  1. Oh man! You are really kicking asses with your blog. That is what I am trying to do with magento and paypal.

    I have done some like that with Amazon Checkout.


  2. There is no “Sandbox” account for Payflow Pro. You would just use the same account for both development and production, with the difference being which host Url you post the data to. If you do not have an account, you an get a “test” account by going here. Once it asks you for credit card (payment) information, just close your browser and an e-mail will be generated informing you of your account. So, do please use valid information.

  3. Hi Richard,

    Thank u for your post. I have got problem, when I choose PayFlow pro and click Go. On the new page i get this bad error: Invalid Product Chosen, Please contact Paypal Customer Service for more information. Its when i create predefined account or try to create account by me.

  4. I have payflow pro account of paypal gateway. I want to do some test by giving the test environment and sandbox url but it is not working for me can some body help me out.

  5. This still works thanks a lot richard its horribly undocumented. I was dreading their $200 setup fee and 20 bucks a month for a testing bed

  6. hi everyone i have a similar prob with my ws. i’m trying to setup paypal express check out and payflow and it seems to be either or, but with both i have the message that, during last step of checkout, is : error from gateway. invalid vendor account. i did received an api cert. any thoughts ???

  7. Thank you so much. I confirm that this is still working. As many others here, I don’t understand why Paypal instructions are so unclear.

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