Magento – Upgrade to the latest version using Magento Connect

Upgrading Magento to the latest version is a fairly simple task. Copy and Paste this key below VIA Magento Connect where it states “Paste extension key to install:”. This will upgrade Magento to the newest version.


9 thoughts on “Magento – Upgrade to the latest version using Magento Connect”

  1. have you tried installing any extensions after running script, i cant install anything,

    i have used that tip many times, unfortunately every time i run it, magento first do it all and finish without any errors, but then strange things starts to happen,after update, i cant update anything, i get a pear error i think its called,

    i have tried running the script that sets all files folders to right permissions, both before and after running the code,but haven’t managed to getting to work without errors,

    and tried off course just running the script.

    i have doing a compare of the old and the new system and pinpointed it out to the downloader system it messes up.

    if i then rename the new download folder and upload the old one instead, everything is fine

    except now i canĀ“t see the system files that , vere showing after i run the script.

    only the files from before, but i can install extensions, as before,

    so now i don’t dare try running the script any more,

    best regards hucks denmark

  2. I am running Magento ver. . When I tried this first I dont htink I had cache disabled. After running the upgrade as you have suggested. I did not get any errors but nothing happened. Backend admin still shows the same version instead of 1.4x . Then I treid disable chache through cache management and refereshing/ rebuilding everything else under it , tried to reinstall all the file through connect manager ( these were all related to 1.4x when I attempted upgrade the first time.) Still no changes. Pretty much same thing happens if I try to install a new extension . It says it is installed but I dont see it anywhere in the admin ….. Any ideas ?

    Thanks for you help

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